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TaskRun Life & Fitness Calendar

TaskRun will help you to work smarter, increase your productivity and reduce confusion in your life
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24 May 2009

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People usually have extremely busy work schedules these days and often find it difficult to partake in day to day tasks. Such an intense involvement at professional front may tend you to forget your kid’s birthday, friend’s wedding, or other such event, leaving you in embarrassing state in front of your friends and family. Not only this, your tiresome and stressing work routines also affect your health big time. However, it’s easier to get rid of such hassles by opting out for a competent assistant that can work as an event reminder as well as a health tracker. Such an effective assistant has been tailored for you in the guise of TaskRun Life & Fitness Calendar 2. The program allows you to monitor and track your daily events and tasks while facilitating you in reducing stress to maintain your heath level.

The TaskRun Life & Fitness Calendar 2 facilitates you in recording your routine tasks, and tracking your diet and health. The program console has been structured modestly and the embedded features are easily navigable. With the application you can record your events filling up necessary details that can be viewed on weekly and daily basis. You can even categorize tasks within different heads such as money, project, shopping, fitness, education, program, and so on. The finished and unfinished tasks are marked accordingly and even copied to next day, if required. It also allows you to maintain your diet and health status using Calorie Tracker, Exercise Plan, and Health Track features. In addition, it supports Project Planning to help you with important projects, where every project integrates a calendar, a balance Sheet to track money, to do list, and time tracker for time spent. Even, the each project associates its own documents directory for keeping related files. Moreover, it lets you print on 3x5 index cards or Flash Cards so that the information fits into your hand or pocket.

TaskRun Life & Fitness Calendar 2 integrates more features in addition to the aforementioned ones, and helps you in recording your events and health records. Considering the effective and smoothly operated features, which are accompanied by incredible performance, the utility is being awarded with 4.5 rating points.

Publisher's description

Properly monitoring and tracking your daily Tasks can reduce stress, lead to more free time and more happiness in your life. TaskRun makes it easier for you to record and analyze your week ahead.
Easy Data Entry:
Your week in planned out on single page. Just select the right column and type. Unfinished items can be crossed off, deleted copied and pasted to next day, as easy as using notepad.
Why Flash Cards?
TaskRun allows you to print each day individually on a 3x5 index card. This makes caring your list of events very easy. A flashcard is thinner than an ipod, flexible, fits in your pocket and is ultimately disposable. Should you need to add things to your list during the day, just write it using a pen.
Easy Printing
TaskRun was designed to print on Flash Cards or 3x5 index cards. Packs of Flash Card's can be purchased in Dollar stores or at Walmart. Most printers support printing on flash cards. Simply insert the flash card into your printer and click print. Printing on regular paper is also supported by TaskRun. The printed paper easily fits in your hand, or pocket.
Project Planning
TaskRun was also designed to help you take on the big projects in your life. Each project can have a calendar, a todo list, a balance Sheet for tracking money, and a time tracker for keeping track of time spent. A project also gets it's own documents directory where you can keep related files.
Diet and Health:
The program comes with many tool to improve your health.
Calorie Tracker : Calculate your daily caloric intake with a 5000+ food database.
Exercise: Plan and Track your exercise program.
Health: Track your blood pressure, sleeping patterns and doctor appointments
TaskRun Life & Fitness Calendar
TaskRun Life & Fitness Calendar
Version 2
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